Episode 23: a veteran’s perspective on faith and anxiety with Delmus Gillis

Military veteran and pastor, Delmus Gillis, is sharing how his unique experiences have shaped His relationship with God and how the Gospel has transformed his life, his family, and the way the chooses to show up to the responsibilities of every day life. In this episode, we talk about the struggle with anxiety that is overwhelmingly evident in our culture today and how to overcome it with continually choosing to trust in God and surrender in our daily lives. Delmus also shares one challenge for men that that could immediately impact our families, our churches, our communities, and our nation.

Episode 22: When Greed Is About More Than Just Money

Do you feel like you are ALWAYS out of time? Be honest. Maybe you struggle with feeling like there just is never enough money, opportunities, etc. Whatever it may be, we have ALL found ourselves thinking about what might be different in we had MORE. In this episode, Rachel shares how this mindset is not simply one of lack, but of greed. It’s the language of our culture and as believers we have to shift the way we think about what God has given us to one of ABUNDANCE in order to be set free from the life that God may be holding out on us. Yep, we’re going there. Can’t wait for you to join us!

Episode 21: Growing Bold (with Katey Donovan)

In this episode, Rachel talks with guest Katey Donovan about her story and what it looked like for her when Jesus changed everything for her family. She shares why she believes it was worth it to do the work to change every aspect of their life to one that honors God and cultivates boldness, humility, and prayer. She encourages listeners to remember that your past is never too messy for God, and what He has for you is always worth it.

Men and Women of A Different Spirit

Have you been carrying a spirit of fear? Have you been believing a lie that is holding you back from all that God has called you too?

In this episode, Rachel Sweatt is issuing that challenge to a new way of thinking and a new anthem for living humble, courageous, and obedient lives. It’s no secret that if we want to live differently, set apart as followers of Jesus, we are going to look differently. Saying no to a life inhibited by fear and self-preservation is mandatory for experiencing God to the fullest.

Rachel discusses the account of two men, who were sent out by Moses to check out the land God had given them, the Promised Land. These men, along with ten others, set out and were shocked at what they found in the place God had called them to. They were met with giants. Fear. Doubt. And all the men but Joshua and Caleb, came back full of fear. But Joshua and Caleb? They were men filled with a different spirit, the same spirit we are called to carry into all that God has for us.

"But because my servant Caleb has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly, I will bring him into the land he went to, and his descendants will inherit it.” (Numbers 14:24, NIV)

Fear is a symptom of a greater stronghold: a lack of trust. You see, the other ten men knew all about God but as soon as they saw the giants, they forgot all they knew about the God who called them there. Joshua and Caleb, on the other hand, set their eyes on God instead of the giants. Sure, they could see them, but the giants were not where they were going to focus. They were going to set their eyes on God and who they knew He was, His character, and His heart for them

We get to make the same choice today, friends. Will we choose to be men and women of a different spirit, like Caleb and Joshua? Or will we miss out on all that God has for us because of fear? I’m praying this encourages you to set your eyes on Jesus and take one step of obedience after another. Full for FAITH + CONFIDENCE in who God is and His love for you. I promise it is WORTH it!

Why Every Story is Significant and Yet We're All In Need of The Same Thing (with Sydney Clark)

Regardless of where or how your story with Jesus began (or how it’s going) there is significance in YOUR story! If you have ever struggled sharing your story for any reason, this conversation will help you trace God’s faithfulness in your life. In this episode, Sydney Clark is sharing her story of how early exposure to God’s kindness has cultivated a life-long pursuit of friendship with Him in adulthood.

She encourages us by sharing how’s constant companionship has carried her through seasons of fear, ministry, hospital stays, and so much more. Sydney is quick to point out that He is there before we even have to ask—how good of a friend is that?!

If you are longing to feel near to God, take your faith to the next level, or simply reconnect with Him, He is so willing and ready. Like Sydney referenced, spending time in the Word is crucial to hearing from the Lord and one of the ways we can experience His nearness. In this episode, Sydney said something that I’ll never forget because it’s so true: "There is nothing like hearing Him say to me what He’s already written down.”

Another point Sydney makes in this episode is an interesting one: The more we get to know Jesus, the more we are aware of our need for Him. I remember that I used to think the more I read and prayed, the closer I would feel to Him. And that’s true! BUT what’s also true, and what I didn’t expect, was that as I knew more of Jesus I was much more aware of the gap between who I am now and who He made me to be. As a wife. As a mom. As a friend. The more I spend time with Jesus, in His Word, the more I learn of His heart + hope for me in all these areas. The more I am aware of the goodness + abundance He has for us in those places, the more aware I am of all that I am going to have to lay down in order to get there.

The realization both Sydney and I share is that the more we spend time knowing Jesus, the more we realize our desperate need for Him. We are all in equal need of the grace only Jesus can give, regardless of where we come from or where we are in life at the moment. This is so encouraging to me because we all get to experience the benefits and the hope of His grace, TOGETHER. We have the privilege of constantly meeting up at the cross to ask Jesus to make us new, once more, getting a front row seat to watch Him do what He does best.

How You Can Fight Discouragement + Overwhelm TODAY Remembering This One Thing...

In this episode, host Rachel Sweatt is sharing how intentionally remembering that HIS grace fills in all our gaps can help us fight discouragement and overwhelm, while simultaneously building our faith + cultivating gratitude. When we fail, fall short, or just don’t quit hit the mark on our intentions, goals, etc. this is one way we can remain ENCOURAGED in our pursuit.

In 2 Corinthians 12:9, we are given a promise that has become the soundtrack to my life lately.

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

When we look back at the past season of our lives, we can be discouraged or encouraged. We can choose to either see our shortcomings, OR we can see and CELEBRATE where God filled in every gap.

When we look towards the future, we can either be overwhelmed at what’s to come or grateful that we’ve got God on our side, ready and willing to fill the gaps with the hard-fought for grace made possible by JESUS that we have the privilege of experiencing every day. Isn’t that the BEST NEWS?!

Thank you, Jesus!

The Gospel Collective Podcast: What God Has Taught Me About Seasons (A Challenge to Thrive, Not Just Survive) Episode #17

On this episode of the Gospel Collective Podcast, I am sharing what God has taught me that has transformed the way I approach different seasons of life. Seasons and rhythms go hand in hand and we are here to make the most of our time, regardless of our circumstances. So how do we do that? As we enter full on summer mode, I wanted to encourage you with the perspective of opportunity: This is the season God has given you to make His name known and to be a blessing to specific people. Look at the people in this season with you; who has God entrusted to you for the next few months that you could love and serve in a greater capacity? What new rhythms could you implement in your life to make the most of this season and steward this opportunity well? Share your thoughts with us in the comments and we’ll share all the ideas on Instagram!

When We Want To See God Move Like He Does in the Bible (with Jodi Ashcraft Episode #16)

In this episode Jodi is sharing how God showed up in her life when she started asking Him to move like He did in Scripture. This conversation is for anyone with an “orphan spirit”, as Jodi describes— battling loneliness, insecurity, or the pressure to manufacture the doors they are waiting to walk through. She continues to see Jesus show up in her everyday life and this conversation is filled with hope, wisdom and the possibility of what can happen when we invite God into our lives to do what He does best!

An Easter Message for Real Life Today (Episode #15)

In this episode, I'm sharing how the message of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection literally changes EVERY DAY of my life. We are talking about how the implications of what happened that day on the cross over 2000 years ago affect our families, our marriages, our work and every other area of our life today--IF we really believe it.

Why Community Matters to God: A Conversation on Life and Faith with Social Influencer Magen Reaves (Episode #14)

Our guest today has inspired thousands in the world of fashion, but even more have encouraged by the way she uses her platform to share her faith. Influence Magen Reaves is sharing how she has experienced God in her life and what God has been teaching her about the significance of community through a biblical lens and how it changed her life.

Check out her blog here for more or follow her on Instagram here to stay connected and keep up with what God is teaching her!

The Gospel Collective Podcast: How Making a Difference in the World Starts at Home with Lynsey Gabert, Founder of Kids Faith Krate (Episode #12)

This week we are talking with Kids Faith Krate founder Lynsey Gabert about her heart for family discipleship and how she has been experiencing God in her our life over the last few years. We are talking about parenting, personal faith, anxiety, and lots more! She is sharing some tools that have helped her applicably put her hands to the work her heart has been called to, and how we can do the same in our own lives. And she was so kind to give OUR Gospel Collective community a special discount code! Check them out and be praying that God would use them mightily in the lives of families in our community and beyond!

The Gospel Collective Podcast with Rachel Sweatt

Gospel Collective podcast

The Gospel Collecting Podcast: What Jesus Says When People Mess Up (Episode #11)

Hi friends!

On today’s episode I’m sharing something a little raw that God has been teaching me over the past few months. I try to be as transparent as possible, and I just knew that this was the time to share a little bit more of the “struggle bus” side of what I do. Ha! If you’ve ever stepped out to do something God put in your heart and things got a little bumpy along the way, this one’s for you! Never forget that He is after our heart, not our perfection. Have a great week!


The Gospel Collecting Podcast: When We Step Down and God Steps In (Interview With Heidi Hickman Episode #10)

The Gospel Collecting Podcast: When We Step Down and God Steps In (Interview With Heidi Hickman Episode #10)

Our guest today, Heidi Hickman, is founder of The Oaks Christian Academy and Jesus follower for 29 years (!). She is sharing her heart on how she is experiencing God in powerful ways from years of saying yes to hard steps of obedience. She also talks about what experiencing God looks like in her daily life, the rhythm of stepping down and allowing God to step in, moving in ways she could have never expected.

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If You're Feeling Unseen (Episode #09)

On today's episode of The Gospel Collective Podcast, I am sharing something God showed me that I haven't been able to get over. In a world where it's common to feel called to hard places and then left alone in the struggle, God makes it known that not only He sees us, but He also is encamped around us. While we are in His keeping, He takes the desert and transforms it into a training field for what He might call us to in the future. If you are in a wilderness, I want you to be encouraged that you have the Lord’s undivided attention. You are being equipped to do what you were made to do and you’re going to do it with full confidence of the God who sees you. 

THE GOSPEL COLLECTIVE PODCAST: How Mentorship Changes Lives and Why It's Necessary in the Church with Judy Stallwitz (Episode #08)

Friends! I can’t wait for you to hear this episode—our guest today has had significant impact on my life and everything I do today bears the fruit of her obedience to love and lead me well! She is sharing how mentorship has influenced her life and why it is so significant to invite others to be part of our lives as we grow in relationship with Jesus. The impact of one person has the potential to change future generations and we are thankful to be evidence of that truth because of our own experience with mentorship!

The Gospel Collective Podcast: Where God is Calling Me in 2019 (Season Three Launch!)

Rachel Sweatt Podcast

Hi friends!

I can’t believe we are in our THIRD season of the podcast! It has been one of the greatest joys in my ministry, and I am SO looking forward to all that God has in store for us this year!

On today’s episode, I am talking about where God is calling me in 2019, and it might surprise you! I am sharing my heart about what God has been teaching me— that how God calls us to live is strikingly very different than the culture around us, and our responsibility and privilege to operative in joyful obedience amidst the tension between it all.

I hope you enjoy this episode from my heart to yours! I’d LOVE to hear what God has called you to in 2019! It is so encouraging to hear what He is stirring up in other believers, and pray each other on in this journey!

Grace and peace,

Rachel Sweatt

The Gospel Collective Podcast: The Significance of Slowing Down with Judy Lynch (Episode 06)

This week on the podcast we are introducing a discussion on spiritual disciplines and how intentional time with God can influence the way we experience Him in our lives on a daily basis. Our guest, Judy Lynch is sharing how big moments with God often come in the small moments in our lives when we simple slow down and make room for Him to move.

A special thank you to Bryan Talbott for producing the music on this weeks episode!

how to slow down

The Gospel Collective Podcast: Reaching Souls and Making Moments Count with Dustin Manis

It is such a joy to talk with Dustin Manis, President and CEO of Reaching Souls International. He is sharing what God has done in his own life and how the Gospel has changed his family legacy. Dustin discusses how The Great Commission is the driving force behind his ministry and why it should be what motivates us to make every moment count as well. He’s also giving us a behind the scenes look on how he saw over 11 million people make decisions to follow Jesus and why every believer is called to do the work of an evangelist.

Photo by Reaching Souls International

Photo by Reaching Souls International

For more on Reaching Souls International, visit: https://www.reachingsouls.tv/

To support their ministry financially, visit: https://www.reachingsouls.tv/donate

I Know Him is ONE!

I can’t believe it but this time LAST year (October 2nd to be exact!), I released my first book ever into the world. I’ve jokingly called it my “book baby” 😆 Friends. The way God has spoken and breathed life into this message has been nothing short of a miracle. He has taken this message and this ministry far and wide, allowing me to issue His charge to the Church to tell their stories of what God has done. For remembrance. For endurance. For GLORY. His, Glory, to be exact. This message redefines the “story” our world wants to tell. It is no longer sequences of events that we have endured, but rather how God has carried us through hills and valleys, and how He has moved in our lives throughout the seasons of deserts and abundance.

This message is the message he set the rhythm of my heart to long before I was born. This message and this book has been used mightily in my own life, as He shaped me a little more into who He really made me to be.

God used countless people in the making of this book to speak to me, shape me, and shine light on all the ways God made me for such a time as this. I am a shepherd of stories. A steward of the Gospel. When people ask me what I do, because of the work God has done the last few years, I get the honor to answer: I invite people to come and see who Jesus is by equipping the Church to tell their stories.

Seeing people experience God in real ways and never being the same is my greatest joy. Watching them speak of what God has done and run into the life they were created for is one of my greatest privileges. This book marks the beginning of a season in my life I lovingly call my “ONLY GOD” season. I’m still living it. I hope it NEVER ends.

Thank you to each of you who read this far, and who have read the book, any of the words God has put on my heart, and have prayed and partnered with me in any way. You guys mean more than the world to me—you are glimpses of heaven.

We are just getting started, friends. Let’s keeps sharing this message with all we’ve got. HE is worth it! To celebrate, we’ve made a FREE lockscreen that you can have as a reminder of what God has done, and we hope it encourages you to overcome darkness with the Blood of the Lamb and the words of your testimony. AND we are giving away a free copy of the book to celebrate! (We will just pull a random email from the entries for the lockscreen so be sure to get yours below!)

Tell one person what God has done for you today, and invite them to be part of the greatest story ever told—it’s what we are here for.

I will never get over what God has done for me or what you have all meant to me in this season of my life. Eternally grateful ,

Rachel Sweatt

Photos from the I Know Him Book Launch Party, photography by Katy Pair Photography.