The Gospel Collective Podcast: What God Has Taught Me About Seasons (A Challenge to Thrive, Not Just Survive) Episode #17

On this episode of the Gospel Collective Podcast, I am sharing what God has taught me that has transformed the way I approach different seasons of life. Seasons and rhythms go hand in hand and we are here to make the most of our time, regardless of our circumstances. So how do we do that? As we enter full on summer mode, I wanted to encourage you with the perspective of opportunity: This is the season God has given you to make His name known and to be a blessing to specific people. Look at the people in this season with you; who has God entrusted to you for the next few months that you could love and serve in a greater capacity? What new rhythms could you implement in your life to make the most of this season and steward this opportunity well? Share your thoughts with us in the comments and we’ll share all the ideas on Instagram!