Why Every Story is Significant and Yet We're All In Need of The Same Thing (with Sydney Clark)

Regardless of where or how your story with Jesus began (or how it’s going) there is significance in YOUR story! If you have ever struggled sharing your story for any reason, this conversation will help you trace God’s faithfulness in your life. In this episode, Sydney Clark is sharing her story of how early exposure to God’s kindness has cultivated a life-long pursuit of friendship with Him in adulthood.

She encourages us by sharing how’s constant companionship has carried her through seasons of fear, ministry, hospital stays, and so much more. Sydney is quick to point out that He is there before we even have to ask—how good of a friend is that?!

If you are longing to feel near to God, take your faith to the next level, or simply reconnect with Him, He is so willing and ready. Like Sydney referenced, spending time in the Word is crucial to hearing from the Lord and one of the ways we can experience His nearness. In this episode, Sydney said something that I’ll never forget because it’s so true: "There is nothing like hearing Him say to me what He’s already written down.”

Another point Sydney makes in this episode is an interesting one: The more we get to know Jesus, the more we are aware of our need for Him. I remember that I used to think the more I read and prayed, the closer I would feel to Him. And that’s true! BUT what’s also true, and what I didn’t expect, was that as I knew more of Jesus I was much more aware of the gap between who I am now and who He made me to be. As a wife. As a mom. As a friend. The more I spend time with Jesus, in His Word, the more I learn of His heart + hope for me in all these areas. The more I am aware of the goodness + abundance He has for us in those places, the more aware I am of all that I am going to have to lay down in order to get there.

The realization both Sydney and I share is that the more we spend time knowing Jesus, the more we realize our desperate need for Him. We are all in equal need of the grace only Jesus can give, regardless of where we come from or where we are in life at the moment. This is so encouraging to me because we all get to experience the benefits and the hope of His grace, TOGETHER. We have the privilege of constantly meeting up at the cross to ask Jesus to make us new, once more, getting a front row seat to watch Him do what He does best.