About the book

Tell Your Story

Many Christians will rarely, if ever, share the Gospel by means of telling someone else what God has done in their own lives. As a result, countless individuals are living and dying without ever knowing God. In December of 2016 the Lord led Rachel to establish  #IKnowHim, a ministry that seeks to spread the Gospel by encouraging the church to share stories that communicate God is real, He is here, and He is good. 

 I Know Him: Risking It All So That All May Know issues the challenge to the Church to share personal testimonies of what God has  so that the ever searching world would know that God is actively and presently moving in the world today. I Know Him uses real, Biblical accounts as well as present-day stories to inspire the believer to seek and share God’s movement in their their own lives, and includes a segment on how to tell your own story.