I'm Rachel

A wife and mom, a writer, speaker, believer and adventure seeker. I love coffee, tacos, sunshine, and equipping women to experience God and live the life they were created for! When I’m not creating resources and writing messages, you can find me on the trails or at the pool with my family. 

I am so glad you are here! Don’t be a stranger- say hi and let me know how I can pray for you!

Grace and Peace,

Rachel Sweatt

About Rachel Sweatt
About author and speaker Rachel Sweatt

Rachel Sweatt is a writer and speaker based in Amarillo, Texas. She specializes in equipping women to experience God and live the life they were created for. Known for her dynamic teaching and encouraging, Biblical resources, she believes the Gospel is for everyone and this race is best run together. Deeply rooted in the conviction that our testimonies partnered with the blood of the Lamb is single-handedly the most effective way for every person to make a significant impact in the world, Rachel is passionate about helping others learn to tell their story of what God has done.  

Rachel and her husband and serve at their local church in West Texas with their two boys where they are devoted to seeing lives changed and people growing in their relationship with Christ. Her vocational resume includes published books, Biblical resources, and is a writing contributor for YouVersion. She has spoken for conferences and women’s events and enjoys serving women nationwide. Rachel is the host of The Gospel Collective Podcast on iTunes, as well as delivers audio teaching moments for Christian radio.